hey can you do the prompt, “you said you loved me!” thanks!

you’re the second person to ask for this one!

anya got back to her apartment after her wednesday evening spin class only to find her boyfriend stuffing folded clothes from the drawers into a duffel bag. 

“dmitry? what are you doing, babe?” she set her keys down in the bowl by the door, making her way to their shared bedroom.

dmitry’s head snapped up, momentarily pausing his rushed actions.

“shit! anya, what are you doing home so soon?” his voice wavered. he was hiding something.

“i was feeling lightheaded, so i skipped out on dinner with the girls. what’s going on?” she asked, eyeing the bag on the ground. “are you travelling for work again?”

dmitry let out the breath he’d been holding. “no, i’m not. i was really hoping you wouldn’t come home while i was doing this.”

“doing what, dmitry? you’re scaring me,” she frowned, kneeling by his side.

he dropped the shirt he was folding and sat back, avoiding meeting anya’s eyes.

“i’m leaving, anya. i’m sorry, i should’ve been mature about this, but it isn’t working out. i wanted a clean break, to leave while you were gone but, well, you can clearly see how that worked out” he released in one breath.

anya leaned back, disbelieving. “wait, what? you’re breaking up with me?” she could feel the tears building up behind her eyes. don’t you dare cry, anya,  she begged herself.

“i’m sorry, anya. i can’t keep leading you on like this.”

“no, dmitry, something isn’t adding up here. everything has been so amazing these past few weeks, so what changed?” she fights off a frown, wiping the corner of her eye so she can catch a tear before it falls.

“it’s nothing anya, i swear. just let it go. let me go.” he begged, taking her hands in his. 

“no, dmitry. tell me what’s really going on. it isn’t like you to just leave.” she gripped his hands tight.

“i- i don’t know anya. you know what, fuck it. you remember when we met last year at the neva club?”

“of course i do,” she sniffled. “you spilled your martini on me by accident.” she was smiling softly now, remembering their first meeting.

“well it wasn’t completely an accident. i was with my friend vlad that night. he said he knew of a girl who could make us rich. all i had to do was get her to talk to me,” he admitted.

“what? you always said it was because you thought it was love at first sight,” she murmured, wrapping her arms around her legs and hiding her chin between her knees. 

“i know what i said, anya. but you need to know the truth. there was an old woman in vlad’s hometown. she was extremely rich, but she was the most unhappy person he knew, because a decade earlier, her entire family died in the crossfire of a bank robbery. last year though, a rumor went around that one of her granddaughters was still alive, and suddenly she was offering a reward to anyone who could bring the girl back to her. vlad thought you were the missing girl, or a close enough doppelganger, and he sent me to convince you to play along. i didn’t know it would go this far. i’m sorry, anya,” dmitry apologized.

“so this entire time… i’ve just been a puppet in your game? you’ve been stringing me along this ENTIRE time just so you could make a little money?” she was getting heated now. 

“i know you’re upset, anya, and i know what i did was stupid, but i’m so sorry. please believe me.”

“how can i believe you about anything, dmitry?! everything that has happened between us this past year has been a complete lie! i don’t even know you! dmitry, you said you loved me! and i said it back! i can’t believe i was stupid enough to believe you. i trusted you; i let you see the most vulnerable side of me and all you did was take advantage of me!” anya was now sobbing, hardly able to get everything out. 

“anya, please!” he pleaded, grabbing her arms and holding her in place.

“get off of me! i hate you, dmitry. i hate you! i never want to see your face again. get out. get out!” she banged her fists against his chest, trying desperately to push him away. he refused to relent, and after a few minutes of her sobbing and hitting, she collapsed into tears in his arms, unable to say a word. 

“you deserved better than me. i’m sorry, princess,” he whispered, placing a kiss on her forehead. he picked her up, laid her on the bed, took his things, and that was the last anya saw of him.

SORRY HAHAHAH I’VE BEEN WATCHING DRAMATIC ROM COMS. anyway i hope you like this, i typed it while drifting in and out of sleep. 

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