“you’re a little shit, but at least you’re my little shit.”

anya woke up at 3 a.m. on Saturday wondering why her clothes were wet. She could feel Dmitry’s warm body still next to her, breathing lightly. She knew he was awake.

“dmitry?” she whispered. No response.

“dude, I know you’re awake.” she shook his shoulder. Still no response. 

“DMITRY,” she groaned, collapsing on top of his motionless body, wet clothes and all.

“ugh, anya, what was that for!he complained, moving from underneath her.

“can you please explain why my clothes are soaked right now?” 

“i don’t know, did you have an accident? are you getting night sweats again?” he grinned, turning to face her.

“you know both of those things did not happen, so what the fuck did you do?” she frowned

“well, it wasn’t on purpose, i swear! i went to the kitchen for some water, and when i came back, you had all of the blankets, so i reached over to pull them on my side and i may have spilled my water on you? i thought i was safe because you didn’t wake up when it happened, but-”

“you know what? i don’t wanna hear the rest of this story because now I’m literally freezing. i need to get out of these clothes,” she shivered, pushing herself up from the bed.

“how about you just take them off and let me warm you up, baby?” he smirked, pulling her waist until they were flush against each other. 

she laughed, rolling her eyes but latching her arms around his neck.

“you’re a little shit, but at least you’re my little shit.” she kissed him slowly, pulling him impossibly closer.


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