For the prompt thing can you do “can I borrow your sweater? It smells like you”

“i’ll only be gone for a week, dmitry. you won’t even miss me when i’m gone, i swear,” anya rubbed her thumb over her boyfriend’s clenching jaw. 

“i always miss you, princess. it’s gonna feel like a year without you with me.” he couldn’t meet her eye. 

“look at me, dmitry.” he lifts his eyes to meet hers reluctantly. “i’m just going to visit nonna in paris before she goes to america with lily and vlad. we can facetime every night, i swear,” she promised, pulling him into her arms.

“i know, but it won’t make the distance feel any smaller.” he wraps his arms around her waist, holding on tight. 

“i’ve left for longer periods of time before and you’ve survived. what’s so different this time, huh?” she whispers into his hair.

“it’s june 8th this week,” is all he has to say. 

anya breathes out a heavy sigh. “the anniversary of your father’s death. i’m sorry, dima. i completely forgot. i can stay if you need me to? nonna will be back soon, anyway. i can visit her any time.” she runs her hand through his hair.

“no, go be with your grandmother. like you said, i’ll be fine here.” he smiles and leans into anya’s touch.

“if you’re sure…” she sounds uncertain. 

“go, anya. i promise, i’ll be okay.”

“fine, but i’m facetiming you literally every night, okay? i don’t care what you’re doing, or if i’m in the middle of talking to some rich business man trying weasel more money out of nonna. i’ll drop everything,” she smiles, connecting their foreheads. 

“i love you, anya. so much,” is his response as he holds her close.

“i love you, too. don’t miss me too much, okay?”

“no promises, princess.” he leaves her with one more kiss and a tight hug before they break apart and she gathers her luggage, turning towards security.

“wait, anya! 

can I borrow your sweater? It smells like you.”  he calls before she’s too far away. she spins around, giving him a puzzled look, glancing down at the faded yellow sweatshirt she has tied around her waist.

“i mean, i don’t think it’ll fit, and it’s definitely not your color-”

“i just need a piece of you here with me,” he smiles sadly. anya unties the sweatshirt and places it safely in his waiting arms. 

“i’ll miss you,” she says.

“you too. see you in a week?” he asks.

“a week.” she replies, turning back once more. dmitry watches her go until she’s made it past the detectors and can no longer be seen.

lil fluffy, lil sad, lots of love for these two

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